The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) is making some changes to the registration process.When registering a business the investor will automatically be assigned a Tax Information Number and the Tax Department will be notified of the registration. This change will also apply to any changes made to the registration of existing businesses.

These changes have already been implemented in Vientiane Capital and all provincial offices, and are being rolled out to the remaining district offices in 2019.

Through it's integration with the new Tax Department system MoIC will be able to automatically obtain and print the Tax Information Number for the business on the Enterprise Registration Certificate.

These changes are part of a wider effort by the government of the Lao PDR to modernise and integrate registration systems and make the registration process simpler.

The registration process is also switching to use LSIC codes to classify a business activity, rather than the previous ISIC code. These codes contain an extra level of detail, which helps the government of the Lao PDR to better understand and support business activity in the country.